City of Dryden

We were selected to lead the City of Dryden’s corporate brand strategy that included brand story development, visual identity and a community brand strategy. The project included multiple layers of engagement, including community consultations, research and focus groups. The final outcome was a strong brand, tagline, logo, brand style guide and marketing implementation playbook.


Distinguish the city from other municipalities; modernize and professionalize corporate image; establish standards and consistency for corporate image; and develop a brand image the community can believe in


Over the course of six months, the team at Wake delved deep into the fabric of the community. With face-to-face community meetings, a substantial online research survey and multiple focus group sessions, we absorbed all the inputs, ideated and ultimately created a brand story around “Blaze your trail”. The brand is supported by a unique visual identity and brand style; as well as a 25-step implementation report.


The brand was unanimously praised and accepted by Dryden city council which gave it legs for formal and complete implementation. The city is currently executing the action items for brand implementation which will solidify the brand into the minds of residents and subsequently present to the larger market.


“Wake Marketing was selected through the City of Dryden’s competitive bid process to modernize the City’s branding. As an initial step in our brand story development, Mike Greaves took our focus group through a fantastic LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop. Mike was able to guide the group through the day’s activities with tact and the unique mode of delivering the topics allowed the group to express what they were feeling or their ideas visually and tactilely. To this day, members of the focus group still mention how that day was really impactful for them and were impressed with how much information can be drawn out from playing LEGO®. Mike Newton is a talented graphic designer who was able to take key elements from the engagement session and bake them into the visual representation of Dryden that is our new logo. The professionalism and project management that Wake brought to the table are first rate and the final deliverables and the brand that has resulted out of this process accurately and beautifully represent our community. We couldn’t be more proud.”
– Tyler Peacock – Economic Development Manager / Branding Strategy Team Lead